From Curt in MO

Dear editor.

Being a legal emigrant and later citizen, speaking no English when I arrived, I immediately realized it would be impossible for me to teach all these people to speak Danish so I better learn English fast if I wanted to fit in and communicate.

After retirement I lived in Tucson for nearly 20 years and recently took up residence in an assisted living community in Rolla MO for two reasons #1 cost per month (outrageous in Arizona) # 2 being close to family in my last years of my life.

I agree with a lot of your ideas and applaud your efforts I highly recommend you make contact with Dr. John McElroy whom I help set up the Sunday Morning Program called Americas Fabric airing on KVOI.

I wish you good luck with your new undertaking.

Editor’s Comment:

Curt, thank you for sending me the email and thank you for visiting It would really be great to read more of your story. It was/is People like you who made this country what it is. People who were proud to become American’s. Thank you.