Christmas Season Talking Points

President Trumps Accomplishments During First Year

During the Christmas Season you may run in to one of your Liberal relatives. Here’s some ammo for you and I don’t think I have them all. I don’t have all the Trade Deals he’s done, If you can help me keep this current or have anything to add to this list, please post it and I will add it to the list.
Merry Christmas

1. Removed climate change from the white house website
2. Returned Winston Churchill bust to the Oval Office
3. Regulation freeze Signs H.J.Res. 37, H.J.Res. 44, H.J.Res. 57, and H.J.Res. 58 into Law~ March-2017
4. Ease burden of Obamacare
5. Cancelled TPP Trans Pacific Partnership
6. Freeze on federal hiring (except for the military)
7. Stopped federal funding of abortions overseas
8. Carrier not moving jobs to Mexico
9. Ford not building plant in Mexico
10. Approves Keystone Pipeline and Dakota Access Pipeline
11. Stopped federal funding of abortions in the U.S.
12. Freezes $221 million tax dollars Obama tried to give to Palestinians
13. Will strip funding for sanctuary cities
14. Will start building border wall
15. Adding 5,000 border agents
16. Reducing funding to UN
17. Cuts $5 million in ads for Obamacare
18. Signs order for ‘extreme vetting’ of refugees (order has been rewritten)
19. Action to rebuild and strengthen military
20. Trump sets 5 year and lifetime lobbying ban for officials
21. Cutting federal regulations
22. Fired acting Obama AG, appointed someone else until Sessions is confirmed
23. Order that federal agencies have to eliminate 2 regulations for every 1 written
24. Will examine a repeal of Dodd-Frank regulations
25. Delay of the harmful Department of Labor Fiduciary standard
26. Order to crack down on cartels and violent crime
27. Lifted restrictions on coal mining
27. Mandate stopped. IRS can no longer go after people for not having health insurance
28. Transgender bathroom policy under Obama has been stopped
29. Will dismantle Obama’s EPA waters of the U.S. rule
30. Trump ordered top to bottom audits of all agencies to cut wasteful spending
31. Keystone Pipeline will happen
32. Signed into law 3-27-17 HJ Res. 37, HJ Res. 44, HJ Res. 57, HJ Res. 58
33. Islamic terrorists will be called by their name ISIS and not by ISIL
34. Trump donated his 1st quarter salary to the parks service to help cover maint. cost for battlefields
35. As promised Trump got a true conservative Neil Gorsuch through to replace Scalia on the supreme court
36. Assad killed his own people again with chemical weapons. Trump acted decisively by attacking Syria to send a message
37. Signs bill allowing veterans to seek medical care outside the VA
38. Signs order to prohibit govt control of education
39. Signs order on antiquties act
40. Order on religious freedom
41. Health care bill to replace Obamacare passes in the House 5-4-17
42. Congress no longer exempt from health care passes House 5-4-17
43. Trump fires FBI director James Comey 5-9-17
44. Signs deal with Saudi Arabia 5-20-17
45. Pulls U.S. OUT of Paris Climate Accord
46. Stopped 800 of Obama’s regulations that were never finalized 7-20-17
47. Shuts Down Central American Minor Protection Program 8-17-17
48. Signs the Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act 8-23-17
49. Pardons Joe Arpaio 8/26/17
50. 9/28/17 signs EO to allow the purchase of health insurance across state lines
51. 10/13/17 stopped unlawful payments to insurance companies from Obamacare
52. 10/13/17 decertifies Iran deal
53. 11-1-17 ended diversity visa lottery
54. 11-29-17 put a stop to U.S. purchases of nuclear materials from Iran.
55. Orders US Embassy to locate in Jerusalem
56. 12 1 2017 Ended Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Menu
57. 12 23 2017 Signs into Law the Largest Tax Overhaul in 31 years
58. 12 23 2017 Ends Individual Mandate, effectively killing ObamaCare
59. 12 23 2017 Allows Drilling in ANWR
60. 12 23 2017 Raises Estate Tax Level to $11,000,000 per person
61. 12 23 2017 Lowers Corporate Tax to 21%
62. Gets thirteen Federal District Judges confirmed in first 11 months. Highest ever.
63. Announces that 22 Regulations have been cut for one enacted