A New Perspective on Climate Change

Matt Ridley is a member of the House of Lords and author of “The Rational Optimist.” He is also The Viscount Ridley and a businessman. He supports BREXIT and that makes him OK in my book.

He does an excellent job of explaining the effects of CO2 on the vegetation of our planet even though it took him a couple dozen years to find it out. His YouTube video is titled, ” A New Perspective on Climate Change” posted in 2015.

Mr Ridley is a bit late to the party because one of the first scientists I talked to about the effects of CO2 on vegetation back around 1992 was Professor Sherwood Idso. Professor Idso is a man who has spent most of his life trying to get the science community to understand the effects of CO2 on plant life. I first read one of his articles as far back as 1990.

I hope Mr. Ridley can move the truth forward and in some way recognize the work of Prof. Idso.

There was also a great video published in 1992, “The Greening of Planet Earth,” that can be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ep5ptrPN6ns

Welcome on board Viscount Ridley.