What Does This African Woman Need?

What Does This African Woman Need?

Water? Food? Electricity? Refrigeration?

Not according to Al Gore

African Woman

According to Al what she needs is for all Americans to destroy our economy, stop using fossil fuels so the planet will only heat up .75 of a degree over the next hundred years. Of Course she will have been dead for many years.

What she really needs now is what all human beings need and that starts with electricity. The same electricity that we Americans take for granted. The same electricity that President Obama said the costs must “necessarily skyrocket.” He wants to limit our ability to produce electricity because he and his EPA don’t like coal powered electrical generating plants, they hate oil and nuclear power.

All this because Al Gore found a way of making millions of dollars promoting environmental catastrophes based on very questionable science like snake oil salesmen of the past.

The man made global warming stuff Al is making up is totally based on computer model theories. There is no empirical evidence, (actual data), that supports man made global warming, but there is to the contrary.

The baby she holds in her arms has a high probability of dying of malaria because the world stopped the use of DDT just before Africa was scheduled for its use.

Last year, at the 2012 World Environmental Summit, Hillary Clinton donated TWO BILLION of your tax dollars to the UN and it’s love affair with all things un-American, anti-human and anti nature.


Photo taken from the internet