NBC Apologizes for False Film Clips

Uses Them in Clearwater National Forest Report

by Chuck Diaz

We all know about NBC News apologizing for the rigged GM truck explosion report they were caught in.  More of you may not know about the January 4, NBC Nightly News report featuring the Clearwater National Forest in Northern Idaho.

In this segment filled with lies, Tom Brokaw and crew manufactured a segment using footage of Forest Service employees wading in a stream filled with dead, floating fish.  When American’s see this kind of graphic proof of how logging is killing fish it’s hard to counter.  The problem is the fish weren’t dead and the clip was not shot by NBC.  It was, in fact, taken during a fish count where Forest Service staff had stunned the fish with electricity.

In another segment, NBC showed aerial scenes of how the Clearwater had been clear-cut.  The actual location of the footage was Western Washington and was not a clear-cut area but instead an area that had been devastated by wildfire.  On February 24th Brokaw apologized for the inaccurate story for using, “inappropriate video to illustrate what was otherwise an accurate report.”  Even when they are caught the holier than thou attitude will not concede total guilt.

In truth, his “otherwise accurate report,” was also full of holes.  In a “Hot Sheet, ” published by the Intermountain Forest Industry Association (IFIA), the truth was discussed in the following manner.

A.) In spite of Tom Brokaw’s claim, in the story, that “only 5% of America’s virgin forests still remain,” a 1991 Forest Service report shows two-thirds of America’s land that was forested in 1700 is still forested. The one third that is not is primarily cleared for cropland, towns, etc.

B.) Less than 40% of the Clearwater National Forest is roaded and currently accessible to timber production. Less than 2% of this timber is harvested each year.

C.) In spite of NBC’s ridiculous claim that loggers are killing fish, Kelly Creek, White Sands Creek, the Lochsa and Clearwater are all world famous for cutthroat trout and steelhead fishing. It is interesting to note that cutthroat populations in the logged drainages of the Lochsa have increased in recent years.

The report also featured an interview with an EX-EMPLOYEE, the former Regional Forester, John Mumma, who told America how he was pushed out of his job because he opposed the timber harvest levels on the Clearwater. During an interview Mumma stated that if we keep cutting at current harvest levels we would run out of trees on the Clearwater early in the next century.

A statement in line with ex-employees with an axe to grind and also one of the largest lies on earth.

The Hot Sheet had this to say about Mr. Mumma’s claims,

D.) Although John Mumma continues his curious vendetta against the timber industry, NBC failed to mention that while Regional Forester he, (Mumma), never proposed changing the Clearwater Forest Plan to reduce the annual cut of 173 million board feet. Neither did he mention that the 173 mbf is below the maximum sustainable level alternative of over 200 mbf and far below the forest’s annual growth of over 250 million board feet.

Finally the Hot Sheet asked why NBC chose not to include information provided by Don Konkel and Alex Irby, of Konkolville Lumber Co., regarding the Clearwater’s fantastic history of timber growth and regeneration. It is also curious that NBC failed to mention that over 100 million feet of merchandisable timber dies annually on the Clearwater due to insects and disease.

It seems the media, NBC for sure, has adopted a policy equal to the statement made by the leading proponent of the global warming theory, and friend of Mr. Gore’s, Stephen Schnieder. He said, “Each of us have to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest.”

This can only mean to condone lies for greater effectiveness and NBC News leads the way in that department.

Now watch the newscast in question. Watch it armed with the truth so you can see how they manipulate a news story to accomplish what they wish. NBC or Brokaw would have never admitted anything if they hadn’t encountered so much blow back. Ask yourself, Why do they choose to lie?



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