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Dec 24th Joanne sent in response to Trumps accomplishments

Thank you so much as I need this. I got shot down at Thanksgiving time and I will be seeing the same people for Christmas. There will be 2 twenty year olds who graduated from USC reciting the mantra they are teaching these kids today. This time I will be ready for them!

Merry Christmas!


August 11th 2018 Gabby writes

HI Mr. Diaz,

I am very interested in your book and your podcast and from what I have read on your blog I like and understand your point of view.

I own a business since 1992..  thank you for sharing so much I love the people on the blog and it’s a really nice blog with no bickering and hassles.

Thank you for setting  SUA up  and hosting us.

I enjoy hearing your exciting life..

June 23rd 2018 Psychotic Bonehead writes

I just wanted to comment on your blog.  I used to blog on Greta wire and for at least 10 years.  Not once was I ever banned – Ever.  When it closed down I was happy to be able to come to SUA to blog.  I have always been respectful, however, you have a gang of bullies who hang out there who will not allow for any one with any difference of opinion.  None.

I recently read a post of yours which basically said that the SUA blog is basically and from a business standpoint of view a failure.  I agree. The blog can’t grow if it will not allow for more people to come over and participate.

This gang of bullies is comprised of people who claim they are all friends.  Maybe they are.  Not everyone on Greta Wire were friends.  Simple as that. On Greta Wire I tried to engage these people into debate many times and at

their very own request.  They claim they want debate but if you try to debate them they immediately gang up on you.  They can be quite offensive.  They’re a gang. That’s what they do.  They tried that on Greta Wire but Ms. Greta shut them down.  She allowed FREE SPEECH.  Only those bloggers who were filthy vulgar were expelled.

I wish you would consider removing the moderators ability to ban people without your direct approval.  You can place people on hold so that they cannot blog until cleared.  It’s your site and you can do as you wish.  However, and by this time of 2.5 years later all you have on your site is this

terrible gang of bullies. No one and I mean no one new has arrived.  They won’t tolerate that.  When you’re not around they even make fun of you.  It’s bizarre.  The Mods defend the gang at all cost.  That is the crux of the issue.

Today I stopped by to see what was going on and this gang is in a furior because Ms. Sarah Sanders was in a restaurant and was asked to leave because of her political view.  Apparently Ms. Sanders graciously left.  That’s because she’s a decent human being with manners.  This is a great hyperbole.  The restaurant is just like the SUA blog.  The gang runs people off just like the restaurant ran

off Ms. Sanders.  She’s a decent human being so she didn’t cause any trouble and she left.  The gang on your site is being horrible regarding this situation.  They’re basically angry little kids.  They want to ruin the restaurant financially if possible.  They want to do anything they can to cause the restaurant some trouble.  If they are demanding that Ms. Sanders be served then should people demand they be allowed to blog at SUA by the same manner?

Thanks for allowing me to have blogged on your site for a short time.

Best of Wishes.  I will not return.  I have no desire to be pestered by a gang of children with personality issues.   My moniker was Psychotic Bonehead. I encourage you to go back and read all of my posts.  I never once posted anything horrible.  I finally explained that the moniker is my personal humor.  They wouldn’t accept that.  They claim that it’s vulgar, that I’m calling the President names and that I’m spreading lies and insulting all the people there.

Good Grief! Read my posts.  I defend the President quite often. I tell the truth and call things like I see them.  I’m not a yes man and am not going to agree with people so that can like me and so I’ll be their friend or so they will feel better about their lives. They finally wore me down to the point that I told a few of them to BUZZ OFF and to please leave me alone.  They didn’t.  That’s all they needed to get me banned.  That’s what they do and they’re good at it.

I will not post my real name for fear of reprisal.  Please accept my sincere apologies for that.

Respectfully Yours,

Psychotic Bonehead

November 26th 2017 Polar Beer Writes


I went to your website today thinking it was a type of mainstream political interaction site.

It turns out the website is for geezer, old ladies and a couple of gay guys hanging out day in and day out talking pretty much


Good Luck With That.

April 13th 2017 Joann Writes

UAL and the Snowflake

Yes I agree this will be the new behavior. But I heard a tape of him on Rush before he got dragged out and he said to whom ever he was speaking to get an attorney ready and listen to what is going to happen next.  He was setting it up for a lawsuit and you could almost tell the way he was screaming like a woman and making them drag him out. But it is too late now because the damage is done and this will probably be the new norm of behavior. 


August 31, 2016

by: John Smith

Infrastructure. There’s a word you hear a lot lately. Infrastructure. Know what it is? It refers to structures, systems, and facilities serving the economy of a business, industry, country, city, town, or area. You know, things like roads and bridges, sewer systems and what not.

We have an infrastructure crisis in the United States. We truly do. The roads are deteriorating and bridges have fallen down. So why not fix it? Isn’t that why we pay taxes? Yes, that is why we pay taxes… I mean why we’re supposed to pay taxes. So where is the tax money going? It sure as hell isn’t going into fixing roads.

The tax money is spent on things like Planned Parenthood, food stamps, housing assistance, providing for illegal immigrants, paying the salaries of all the regulatory agencies we currently have. That’s the kicker… tax money pays for a guy to determine that a bridge is unsafe but we don’t have the money to actually fix the bridge.

Democrats say ‘Let’s rebuild our infrastructure! It will put thousands to work! C’mon, Republicans! Don’t you want safe roads and bridges? Don’t you want people working?’ Of course we do. We’d also like someone to tell us how it will be paid for. Pay for the planning, materials, labor and maintenance.

You see, it isn’t that Republicans and Conservatives don’t care. It’s that we DO care. We care and are consience enough to know that there is no money to pay for this unless something like an entitlement program is scrapped to pay for it. I suppose we could tax people to the point of not being able to own a car.

Not much use for a nice road then, is there?


July 31st 2015

Commenting on ‘First World Outrage vs Third World Reality’, Janet from Tucson writes

“Super Article”


Nathan from Colorado Springs writes

I feel sorry for you, Diaz. You’re an incurable ignoramus who lacks a true understanding of American history. Perhaps if you had been a victim of racism, sexism, or homophobia, you wouldn’t be so quick to denounce certain liberal causes. And you’re right, you’re not Mexican-American, for any self-identified Mexican-American would be ashamed to be included in an ethnic minority with you. And just so you know, being “American” is nothing more than being a citizen of the USA; it isn’t pride, or nationalism, or a sense of freedom, or any concept you could dream up. So how can you say someone who is an American citizen is “un-American”? How silly of you.

Editor’s Comment: NATHAN!!!!, I think you have missed my point completely. While I am an American of Mexican descent, I was raised by a whole lot of Mexicans. My family. My mother, my fathers, my grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends of the family. I grew up on beans, tortillas and worked in a tortilla factory when I was nine years old from 6AM to about 8AM. I stacked the tortillas in one dozen stacks as they came off the machine. I took burritos to school for lunch before they were called burritos. You don’t have to live in a barrio to be poor or be raised with Mexican traditions. If being an American means nothing more to you than having been born here so you can officially call yourself a citizen,,, I really feel sorry for your sorry butt. You are probably the product of our school system that hasn’t taught you anything about what it means to be an American.

 November 17th 2014, Alonso writes from Mexico

Mr. Diaz,
 Every body has to follow the Constitutions, Also the Americans has to be very careful on how is going to be the next president of the best country on the planet.
US, it is living the experience of the change now?, every body must know that the democrats are not the way to grow if US wants to be strong and proud like always.
 I am a Mexican and always like to go to the US (visiting), and my best friends and part of my hard is North side of the border.

 God bless America and Mexico!!


11/4/2014 Gordon from the UK writes

Hi Chuck,

I have signed up again , but found that ‘Capcha’ system a pain to use – the numbers are not clear and often offer only one number – it takes about three tries.

I also think that the ‘thank you for your payment’ message might confuse and perhaps deter people from signing up.

Good luck with all that you’re doing.


Thanks for signing up and the info. I forwarded your email to my support department and they should take care of it.



On Friday, December 27, 2013 8:33 AM, Bob wrote:

Wednesday, 18 December 2013 15:04

Colorado School Shooting Fails to Generate Media Buzz

Written by  Bob Adelmann

When Karl Pierson entered Arapahoe High School in Centennial, Colorado, last Friday wearing a black face mask, a black hoodie, and carrying a shotgun over his shoulder, he briefly appeared to present another opportunity for the media to promote its anti-gun agenda. Within 80 seconds Pierson proved them wrong, and the media frenzy never materialized.

Intent on creating mayhem as revenge for being dropped from the debate team, Pierson entered the building seeking his debate club coach. During his search Pierson fired five rounds, one of them hitting and seriously wounding a student bystander, Claire Davis, who remains in a coma at a local hospital. When confronted by an armed Arapaho County sheriff’s deputy, Pierson took his own life, ending the attack.

As CNN noted, Pierson was not associated even remotely with the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, or any small-government, pro-free-market conservative organization. Instead, he was a self-described communist who once wore a shirt to class emblazoned with the letters USSR and who had railed against Republicans on his Facebook page saying “You Republicans are so cute” and then posting an image which read:

The Republican Party: Health Care: Let ‘em Die; Climate Change: Let ‘em Die; Gun Violence: Let ‘em Die; Women’s Rights: Let ‘em Die; More War: Let ‘em Die.

Is this really the side you want to be on?

The nascent shooting spree ended abruptly, as Arapaho County Sheriff Grayson Robinson explained:

[Pierson’s] intent was evil, and his evil intent was to harm multiple individuals….

We know for a fact that the shooter knew that the deputy was in the immediate area and, while the deputy was containing the shooter, the shooter took his own life.

This confirmed the point made by Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association (NRA) at a press conference just a week following the Newton, Connecticut shooting:

The only way to stop a monster from killing our kids is to be personally involved and invested in a plan of absolute protection. The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Would you rather have your 911 call bring a good guy with a gun from a mile away … or a minute away?

Of course, the media has excoriated the NRA endlessly for making such a suggestion. The Denver Post tried to hide Pierson’s radical proclivities by revising its report of the shooting. In its initial iteration, the Post included this sentence:

Thomas Conrad, who had an economics class with the gunman, described him as a very opinionated Socialist.

But a decision was made by the Post’s Senior Editor Lee Ann Colacioppo that this was a bit too obvious, and changed it — without noting the change — to read:

Thomas Conrad, who had an economics class with Pierson, described him as very opinionated.

Not only did this revision change the entire meaning, it also enraged Tom Blumer at News Busters, who reported the change along with Colacioppo’s “copout” response when she was challenged over it:

Wait until you see the lame, condescending attempt at a defense offered by … Colacioppo in a tweeted response to a reader’s challenge on Saturday afternoon.

Tweeter: Since you’re an editor at DP, what’s the explanation for this?

Colacioppo: We decided not to have another student apply a label to the shooter — a label the student likely didn’t even understand.

As Victor Keith, a writer at American Thinker, noted,

If Pierson had been an evangelical Christian or free-market and small-government advocate, we all know that such would be the lead headline in every story about him….

But since he was a socialist who hated Republicans, that little tidbit will be buried at the end of any article, if it is mentioned at all.

In sum, then, the shooter held liberal Socialist views, obtained his weapon legally, passed the requisite background check that the media thinks will keep shooters such as Pierson off the streets and away from “gun free zones” like the one at Arapahoe High, failed in his mission to pile up a huge body count for the media to weep over, and ended his life when confronted with armed resistance, thus validating the NRA’s position.

As John Hayward at Human Events said, “There is absolutely nothing in the Arapahoe High School shooting for gun control zealots to work with.”

So the Arapahoe High shooting will disappear down the media memory hole since it failed in every regard and by every measure to conform to the mainstream media’s worldview and requirements for the story to be boosted into headlines around the country and the world.

Photo of crime scene in front of Arapahoe High School: AP Images


A graduate of Cornell University and a former investment advisor, Bob is a regular contributor to The New American magazine and blogs frequently at, primarily on economics and politics. He can be reached at


It is always good to play the YouTube, titled BEHIND THE BIG NEWS. It is located at .

Its not only the lack of political and idealogical heat that has made this a non-issue, but the lack of a body count. So far we have one.. the perp. Let us continue to hope and pray that the young Lady injured recovers, keeping the count at one. Sometimes I wanna grab these clowns by the hair and shake them till their broken marbles fall out their ears. They call this “journalism”? Propaganda is far more apropos.



December 5th 2013
From the NRA

Dear Charles Diaz,

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If you have any questions regarding your donation, please email us at  Or you may call our Toll Free Membership Account Information Hotline at 1-877-NRA-2000.

Thanks again for your generous support!

NRA Membership Services

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August 13 2013
From Tom in Tucson

It was another interesting show this past Sunday and I thank you for presenting the information that you did.  One thing you mentioned during the show was a book that you have regarding the decision made by the APA to remove homosexuality from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and the process behind this decision.  Would you be able to provide the title and author of this book to us?

Editor’s Comment:
I have more than one book on the subject, but it has been awhile since I have used them. The one I did find covers the subject titled “Homosexuality and America Psychiatry, The Politics of Diagnosis,” by Ronald Bayer. Published by Basic Books, 1981.
Thanks for listening.

June 22, 2013
Gail from Tucson writes
1. When you are ready to start a petition to get Tucson voters to vote for the city council let me know and I will help with taking the petitions around. I am in total agreement with all of your comments from the Saturday show.

2. I was listening to your radio show as I was riding my bicycle today and wish you had used percentages for the animals instead of numbers of the money that did NOT go to the care of animals.

Editors Comment
The best way to find out about how little the Humane Society of the United States spends on animals is to research it. You can start at It would be hard to convert the money spent to how many animals, but it’s less than 1% of its total income which means what Wayne Pacelle is really true. (See the latest Did You Know)

June 6, 2013
Tom from Tucson writes

Good Afternoon,
I heard your radio show this past weekend on KVOI and was intrigued by one of the facts you mentioned about the global warming scare. Specifically, you mentioned how the fall of communism and the subsequent closure of their monitoring stations led to skewed data. I was hoping you could send me references to this information as the topic really interests me.

Editor’s Comment
You bet, Tom, Most of the comments I make on air are things I have read and data collected over the past twenty years and I have filed in my brain. I have manual files dating back to 1993 and it’s hard to find information from my manual files, BUT your answer is on the internet. Google “mcintyre mckitrick 2003, soviet” and you’ll find references on both sides of the fence. The actual number of weather stations closed in the Soviet Union was one hundred seventy.
For me the best explanation comes from The Surface Record by John Daly. You can Google that with “the surface record, daly.”
One word of advice, I’ve been studying the Man Made Global Warming Hoax for twenty years and I don’t think anyone can or should come to a conclusion by reading one source. If anyone believes in Man Made Global Warming, search for information that proves it. I have found, over the years, that’s the best way to learn the truth. Read with common sense at your side.


From the days of long ago

Elaine from Sylmar writes
Thank you Mr. Diaz,
I just read “about the editor”, and I like what you said about being an American of Mexican decent. I don’t like the word Hispanic or Latina. I haven’t read any of the articles you wrote, I just read some of the letters to the editor.
I now want to read the articles in this paper. You have definitely sparked my interest.
Editor’s Comment:
Thanks for reading and thanks for the kind words. Keep in touch with me and let me know what you learn.

Ghazala from Martinsburg writes
I am totally shocked to read your editorial. “To hell with what anyone else thinks. If taking out the entire population of Fallujah can save one American soldier, I vote TAKE IT OUT! Then go to Najaf, they will think differently.”
On one hand you claim that this war has freed people from a dictator and on the other, you recommend wiping out whole population of Iraqi cities. What a liberation!
I had a soft corner for conservatives before but after reading your newspaper, I agree with liberals 100%. Is there any humanity left in you? if yes then your editorial does not show it.

Editor’s Comment: Why is it that you can be so easily swayed by my opinion or any liberal’s platform without thinking first? If you compare the freeing
of Iraq from Saddam to thugs in Fallujah killing our boys, you’re nuts.
If anyone harbors an enemy of our troops I repeat, TAKE THEM OUT! If the good people of Falliujah supported the freeing of Iraq they would not harbor the terrorists. If they do then they must pay the price. I, in no way, consider the entire Iraqi people to Saddam’s henchmen in Fallujah. BUT at some point the good people must make a decision. Do you know the difference? America became America because some good people decided to start taking out the king’s men because they raised the taxes on tea. Saddam’s horror was far greater then that and the majority of Iraqi people would probably agree to take out anyone who wants that life back.
As far as my comment turning into a 100% liberal, you probably were one before you read the article. It’s much harder to make an informed decision.
By the way, read the letter I received from Kay of somewhere called Jones.

Kay from Jones writes (I didn’t correct how it’s written)
To all you fascists cocksuckers,America will soon bow down to the rest of the free world.Your gorvement has brought destruction over you and we shall respond with the same fury.September11 is just a child’s play,we will attack americans all over the world,we will make your country totally ungorvenable for you nazi leaders.Will we drink coffee with your children’s skull, your women’s liver and breasts shall be fed to the dogs.Expect amonumental disaster on america’s center of power soonest. May god destroy all Americans.
Editor’s Comment: This was actually received over a year ago and it slipped through the cracks. I found it the other night while reviewing Letters to the Editor. If any of you think we aren’t in a war against terrorism, try telling that to Kay. I will withhold it’s email address but would appreciate your response.

Michelle from Monterey writes
I have found this site most illuminating. I never realized that such depth of despair could count as genuine news. I am a proud American and environmentalist, and when you can no longer drink the water and eat no freshwater fish from any state ( right now one cannot eat the fish from
freshwater sources in 28 of the United States) Even Maine is voicing anger and outrage over water pollution, and they are a repubican stronghold.
Please, love mother nature and as the bible says, we have the responsibility to protect the animal species of this world. Thank you . Michelle M Frye
Editor’s Comment: Michelle I know you are a good American but I doubt that you have researched any of what you believe to be true. For an example,
why can’t anyone eat fish from freshwater lakes? Have you ever researched the science behind the claim? I have and I’ll eat and give my
grandchildren fish from anywhereThanks for writing and I hope you keep in touch. I’ll bet the Monterey you come from is in California.

Tom from Mesa writes
A line in an email you sent me with the Florida campus conservatives lead patriotic charge article you said that “maybe there is hope”. Let me
tell you, there is hope for America but only if people like you continue in there efforts to remind Americans what America, and the Constitution were
once about.
Editor’s Comment: Tom, that is one of the reasons suanews was started. Thank you for taking the time to notice.

Mark Quon from Woodland Hills writes
Regarding Cindy Osborne’s article “Who’s Smarter,” [Hollywood vs Our Leaders], has she pulled her big fat foot out of her mouth yet? Someone had e-mailed the article to me about this time last year and it angered me beyond description. I guess it just goes to show you that those idiots in Washington might look smarter on paper! Now we know who’s smarter. Wake up Cindy. Time for you to question authority!
Editor’s Comment: Well Mark, sometimes the truth hurts and that’s why you were so angered last year. Other then that, how about sending a sample of
what makes you think anyone in Hollywood is worth listening to. Let’s be specific Mark not emotional. For most liberals it’s a hard thing to do.
The “Time for you to question authority!” statement you made is just liberal BS wrapping youself in the American flag and stating you have the right to
oppose our government when we are at war ONLY because it’s a conservative in the White House. Thanks for the comment, but try something with substance and facts next time.

Sledge Hammer from L.A. writes
Who owns you? If I were to remove your cloak, what would I see? Why do you purport to speak for blacks? Obviously are neither black owned, nor operated. More a front, or cover, for some extremist organization. ADL? Christian Right? Skin head? Neo-nazis? Why don’t you update you site, and get your dates right?
Editor’s Comment: Hey SLEDGE HAMMER! Why don’t we start with some specific article, paragraph, idea or anything I’ve published that you disagree with instead of making the broad-brush statement you’ve made? I will try to answer what parts you’ve written that I can.
No one owns me. I do this with my money (and any donated, $24.00 to date).
I purport to speak the truth for American’s who understand the Constitution and Capitalism. SUANews is not a front for anything or anyone. We update about once a week but it depends on which section we’re talking about. What’s your complaint?

Job from Colorado Springs writes
I remember the good old days of McCarthy. I’m a 73-year-old man and I can still recollect McCarthy nailing those red Communist bastards and their sympathizers. Scared the hell out of them! Sent them to where they belonged. What we need now is another McCarthy.
Editor’s Comment: A lot of American’s would be quite surprised to learn that “McCarthyism” was born in Hollywood. Hollywood’s big problem was with The House Un-American’s Committee, McCarthy was a Senator and had nothing to do with the House. Just as Job here points out, back in the days of the McCarthy hearings he did nothing more than get rid of communists. This is well documented in the book Treason by Ann Coulter, It’s a great read.

Chris from Toronto writes
New T.V program “Undercover” last week showed a judge who was granting custody to unfit mothers in exchange for sexual favors. The FBI had to move quick because word on the street was he was going to take a position with a “right wing think tank” next month. I suggest we look into who the writers and producers are of this series.
Editor’s Comment: Welcome Toronto! Haven’t seen the program, can’t comment.

Satie from Lawrence writes
Tears are streaming down my cheeks after reading your excellent observations on America and our mutual heritage. Thank you for publishing the names of the celebrities who are proud of their country…I was beginning to think there were so few and was pleased to see the long list!
You are a patriot in the very best sense because you bring out the patriot in others. I will send your message to my nephew who is in Special Forces and will be in Iraq after Christmas. He never fails to tell me that he is fighting for the anti-American’s rights, too. All of them put together are not worth one of him. Thank you, God bless you and Merry Christmas.
Editor’s Comment: Satie, it’s people like you who keep this web site going. Thanks for the kind words and my prayers go to your nephew and all our troops around the world. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

Tim from Mesa writes
Dear Mr. Diaz,
I have to say I am very impressed with your background and I also really appreciate your political viewpoint. I’m sure I am just one of the many that is going to tell you that you have done a better job of expressing how I feel about how the “collectivism” that the liberals use through their special interest groups is destroying our wonderful country.
I really enjoyed what I’ve seen on your website and have added it to my favorites. I have also purchased a “” t-shirt.
I am a very conservative American from a middle-class family, currently attending school at ASU, and have served a church mission in Argentina. While I am still developing many of my opinions and ideas about things, I draw a lot of strength from other freedom-loving patriots as yourself.
I especially want to thank you for your article titled, “STOP the HOLLYWOOD LEFT” and am tired of supporting those who would prop up their leftist agendas and promote socialism. You have articulated yourself very well, and I have read over both the OWS list and the Hollywood A list multiple times. I want to let you know that your research has been VERY worthwhile for at least one other American besides yourself.
I did find it very surprising that Marilyn Manson was in the A list. I did some research and found an interview with Manson that really clashes with the idea that he is interested in anything else besides himself. The interview can be found at the following address:
If there is something else that you have found that would indicate otherwise, I would be interested to read it.
I want to thank you for taking your time to read my comments and look forward to future visits to your website. As soon as I get a chance, I hope to contribute to your cause.
Editor’s Comment: I am glad you found us. We can always use help spreading the word about our site. I’m going to have to do some homework on Marilyn Manson. It may have slipped through a crack. Thanks for the info.

Russ from Atlanta writes
I would like to know how we as Americans can start a moment to have our servicemen that are buried in France to be returned to the USA. I am sure they would want this based on the current French attitude toward the USA. I would say more but it would probably be deleted 🙂
Editor’s Comment: My heart’s with you, but it won’t happen. And you won’t be deleted, so say what you want.

Rick from Tucson writes
Chuck; You are so right about these co called hyphenated Americans. We need to celebrate America American heritage. Not African, Mexican, German heritage.
We are all a part of America, and we do not live in Mexico, Africa, etc. We live in the greatest country in the world.
I also agree with you that ENGLISH is the language of America, and that is indeed what we should teach in, and not every other dammed language in the world.
You are also right in your belief that by practicing the philosophy of the hyphenated-Americans we downgrade what it is to be a true American.
Thanks for providing the freshest approach to American Philosophy so far. Proud to be an American of Mexican accent.
P.S. Yes you know me! 🙂
Editor’s Comment: Thanks for the kind words and happy to know your politics after knowing you for so long. Let’s meet to lift a couple soon.

Robert from McDonough writes
Hello I have a son in 6th grade who is being taught that we are killing our planet in his school.. One way he said was by cutting down all the trees. I read your article (Trees, Trees, and More Trees) and I would like to know where I can find the facts that support this article, so I can go to his teacher and tell her I don’t appreciate her telling my son theory and calling it fact.
Editor’s Comment: Thanks for writing and taking the concern you have for your son. Here’s your answer and more.
“Six million trees a day are planted in America.”
“We have more trees today than we had in 1910.”
The quote is from “Green America”, published by the American Forest Council, 1990, 1250 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20036
That’s 2.7 billion per year; in fact America’s commercial forest annual growth exceeds removals through harvesting by 31% annually. With improved forest management and harvesting procedures, America has more trees today than it did in 1910.
Yet the doomsayers and the media continually paint a picture of disaster in our forests. This is easy to do because a picture of a recently cut forest is not as beautiful as a forest of standing trees. The eco-terrorists know that and play on the sympathy of good Americans.
Besides ignoring managed forests overall growth, environmentalists don’t tell you about all the preserved national forests, where no human management is allowed, that have 10% fewer trees than they did forty years ago because of diseases and insects.
Wise use and sound-harvesting procedures will allow humans to enjoy our forest-derived products, forever. Preservationists will destroy both the forests and our economy by not allowing any use at all.
Here’s another quote from my upcoming book of quotes:
“Don’t cut down trees, because when all the trees are gone, you will probably die because it gives off oxygen for us to breathe. So if we cut down trees, we won’t have oxygen to breathe, so we will die.”
A nine-year-old child’s notes from school printed in People For The West, July 1992. The father, Richard Lassen of Reno Nevada, filed a complaint with the school board.
One of the most deplorable effects of the environmentalists’ political agenda is that our children are being brainwashed, and they aren’t given a chance to hear the other side of the story.
In Nazi Germany, Hitler went after the kids because he knew as each year passed, the snow job got easier. The constant brainwashing of the children to accept an ideology ensures the future preservation of any regime. All tyrants know this, including environmental tyrants.
I am not attempting to compare the eco-terrorist movement and the Nazi party. I am trying to point out that some of their control tactics are very similar to Nazi methods. Beware of anyone who resorts to these kinds of tactics. Beware of anyone who can’t rely on the truth to accomplish their goals.
Or should I be talking about ducks?
Finally, go to our search engine and search the word “trees,” read about Mt. St Helen’s. Take your son there and show him. Don’t let this lie continue.
If I can help in any other way, contact me.

Phil from Grants Pass Oregon writes
On Columbus Day, I asked 12 people, from their 20s to 50s, 8 women and 4 men, “What year did Columbus discover America?”Two men and one woman got it right. They were older than the rest.
Editor’s Comment: As I mentioned in this week’s Editorial, Education in America, they’re not learning because the system is designed to not teach. As Confucius was reported to have said, “Uneducated people are docile people.” Socialists need a docile people so they can convince them all things revolve around a central government. The NEA is accomplishing their plan.

Daniel from California writes regarding Chinese Liberals Open Fire On Charlie Chan
I have been quiet for years but since my laundry folding and chop suey cooking fellow citizens are protesting against Charlie Chan movies I feel I can’t be quiet any longer. There has been an issue on my mind for quite some time and it’s causing severe emotional distress.


Steve from Reseda writes
This website is GREAT KEEP IT UP!!!!
Editor’s Comment: It’s comments like this that keep us UP!

Nancy from Lansing writes
This is a great site….saw originator a few minutes ago on FOX…
Editor’s Comment: Thanks for the compliment about the site but I wasn’t on FOX.

Susan from Tucson writes
Leigh from Columbia wrote “U.S. soldiers have a choice to participate in this unjust desert slaughter”……
Although the Armed Forces is essentially a “volunteer” force, soldiers and officers must follow the orders given to them by their commanders. In this case, the order was from the Commander in Chief (President George W. Bush).
Are they supposed to tell him “NO”? I don’t think so. Do you think anyone WANTS to go to war? U.S. soldiers do not have a “choice to participate in this unjust desert slaughter” as you call it. They are standing true to the oath they recited when they joined the Armed Forces.
Have you ever taken this oath? Do you have the courage to protect the greatest nation on earth?

Pam from Science Hill writes
In response to Neil of London’s comments – I was just wondering how he would define a “genuine American”??? Genuine Americans are the heart and soul of this Country. They are not Hollywood crybabies like Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins who whine and complain of being “attacked” and ” intimidated” when the heat is on and their opinions are not as well taken as they had hoped. If Neil thinks a “genuine” American stands up for what they believe and then whines when the going gets tough, maybe he should be reminded of how this Country came to be – how the American Revolutionists took a stand against the British. They did not whine. They stood up for their beliefs and sacrificed to see them through. They were the first genuine Americans. They are what being a genuine American is all about.

Neil from London writes
Just wanted to say that Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins are more genuinely American than you (or any subscriber to your website) will ever be.
Neil C
Editor’s Comment: Glad to hear from merry old England, I mean it! I’m also glad to print your comment. Needless to say you’ve proven once again some of you Brits don’t understand what being an American is. I really do believe the stars have the right to say what they think. I don’t like the fact that because they are stars they get an immediate national platform. I don’t mind a liberal being a liberal as long as he is a liberal Capitalist. I firmly believe a true socialist is un-American and should be treated as a traitor because the socialist platform undermines Capitalism. And the Capitalism allowed by our Constitution is what made this country the great country it is. I am not calling Tim, Sue or the rest of the Hollywood left socialists, but I reserve the right to not spend any of my money on any waiter or waitress who got lucky and work in fantasy conditions, live fantasy lives and became millionaires in the mean time. I’m actually happy for their success until they use their success to start vilifying people who work in a real world with real conditions who are trying to solve real problems.

Mark from Tucson writes
you gotta love this…your education dollars at work…
Editor’s Comment: We actually took a vote to decide whether we should publish this Comment and Link. The staff and I decided it would be in the best interest of the reader to see what kind of insane actions are taken by a small but very vocal number of Americans. Besides this insanity the major media outlets would never show what actually goes on at a gay rights parade in San Francisco and the Hollywood elite will protect the sickness associated with the kind of people who engage in this kind of deviant behavior.

TO: The Editor of WSWS
FROM: The Editor of SUANews
One of our members has tried sending the letter below to the editor of the World Socialist Web Site FIVE times. It would seem to me that if we provide a link on our web site to your socialist garbage can, the least you could do is acknowledge letters of any opinion. We publish any letter sent to us because we believe in the very freedom you seek to destroy. We placed the link to your site so that Americans can read your propaganda for themselves. It is our editorial policy to expose you and your kind for what you really are. And being American is not one of them.

Pam from Science Hill writes
Five times I have tried to send the following email to the WSWS.Org editor and each time it comes back as “undeliverable”. Can you help me get it delivered?? Thanks!!
It is so very interesting to me that when “artists” choose to publicly criticize the President and/or the War, it’s proclaimed as their right to free speech. However, when the tables turn and their agenda isn’t as popular as they had hoped and silent majority of Americans step up to voice their disappointment over the criticisms, it quickly becomes “intimidation” and an “attack”.
It’s all about the money. For far too long, a vast majority of Americans have been silent with regard to the demoralization of our society by the likes of Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon. Now that said majority has finally had their fill and has decided to make their opinions known the only way they can, with their wallets, Robbins and Sarandon are crying boo hoo – no fair. Robbins, Sarandon, Sheen, Streisand and all the others now crying” foul” need to make a decision. Do they want to be politicians or “artists”? If they want to be politicians, they need to be prepared to make some sacrifices for their beliefs and suck it up. No thin-skinned wimps need apply.
If they want to be artists for whom the American population is willing to pay their hard-earned money to support, they need to shut up and get on with entertaining, if it’s not already too late.

A. from Puerto Peñasco, Mexico writes
Hello Mr. Chuck Diaz, I checked your edition of April 10, it was very good, congratulation for this web site it is excellent.
Editor’s Comment: We are in the process on translating all of SUANews into Spanish so all of Latin America can read the truth!

Tim from Chicago writes
Madonna is the biggest offender of ALL. The Al Zaura reported that Saddam lifted a 10 year ban off her and was using her new music as Anti-war propaganda in Iraq before the war!!! Only 4 places covered it with a small article, and then you could not find it in their archives! Somehow, Google erased the articles!! Now it is unable to be found. I have a link however, and it says that Saddam was praising Madonna and playing her new music to Iraqi’s before the war! Yet, no one has heard about it and MTV, who was sent the articles and made aware of this, instead of reporting the truth, is giving her an hour of airtime to explain her filthy video where she is urinating on the flag and throws a grenade at President Bush.

Justin from Lexington writes
Dear Sir,
Referring to: Volume 3 Number 6 , June 1994
You there pose a question. The answer is “No.”
I didn’t lie, nor were my actions motivated by any concerns for Al Gore’s campaign. I was certainly not Mr. Gore’s Science Advisor.
I was Roger Revelle’s friend and colleague. I spoke up as a matter of principle, to right a wrong that was done to Roger by a group of people, a group acting with an extremely political agenda.
From the very beginning I told the truth, and my assertions are in fact borne out by pre-trial discovery. It was this damaging evidence, uncovered in my deposition of Dr. Singer, that enabled me to immediately end the libel lawsuit without paying Dr. Singer a penny, and without having to acknowledge that any of my statements were false, much less that I spoke with any knowledge of falsehood. I maintained throughout the settlement negotiation that I had spoken the truth and that I would clearly win at trial. The pressure to settle was on Dr. Singer’s camp.
I exposed Dr. Singer’s actions and I have the evidence to back up my claims. Key players in the scientific community were made aware at the time it mattered most. The path for historians has its gateway in my contemporaneous letter to Science. There was nothing to be gained by continuing the fight between Singer and myself.
I gracefully let Mr. Singer off the hook, choosing to avoid the intense personal costs that a trial would impose upon him, and upon my family. In 1992 Dr. Singer was already an old man. His overall career had been a stellar contribution to science and academia. He made a mistake, but that didn’t mean he deserved to be embarrassed further in court.
I allowed the word “unwarranted” because to me that word could mean ” beyond what is necessary” in terms of how I made certain facts public. This also allowed Dr. Singer to save some face.
Justin Lancaster
Editor’s Comment: In response to Mr. Lancaster’s letter to the editor I feel it necessary to bring all readers up to date with the discussion. In June of 1994 an article was published entitled, “Global Warming Libel Suit Settled.” It has been the opinion of this editor that former vice president Gore had tried to suppress science on more than one occasion. So the readers may read the complete story that Mr. Lancaster has recently responded to go to the following article.

Dale from Oak Creek writes
Can you imagine that Dick from somewhere out in space? (And there are millions more just like him) Totally irrational. I’m sure this guy thinks the ex looking right in the camera, and lying to millions is his private life, and Simpson is innocent, too! And you never know who these people are, because we all look the same!!
PS: Rush hour is Rush Limbaugh, but I think Walter knew that.

Chuck from Somerset writes
Love your site! I e-mailed a love letter to the socialist propaganda site. Unreal!
Keep up the good work.
God bless America!

In response to the Thomas Sowell article, “Artificial Stupidity”, Pam from Science Hill writes
It is sad, but true.
A couple years ago, when my daughter was in 7th grade, she was given an assignment of writing a piece of “persuasive writing”. She was required to utilize various sources of media to backup her position. She chose “the right to bear arms” as her topic and used articles from the NRA magazine and Internet sources to support her article.
She was told quite bluntly to “chose another topic”. Her father and I told her she did not have to pick another topic, even if it meant a failing grade. I am proud to say she stood her ground and wrote her article on the right to bear arms.
Parents need to stand up to the school systems and stand behind their children.

Dave from Boomtron writes
Hello, I like your website a lot. Would you mind telling me who the editor is? I don’t understand why his face is blacked out. Before I subscribe to this newsletter I’d like to know who is responsible for it. Thank you very much!!
Editor’s Comment: Sorry it took so long to respond. Your email fell through a crack. Read the “About the Editor” on the first page. It should tell you enough.

In response to the Thomas Sowell article “Academia and the War”, Leigh from Columbia writes
Prof. De Genova stood in solidarity not with the dictatorship of Iraq, but with oppressed peoples around the world, people like those five year-old children fleeing Nasiriyah who were assassinated by U.S. death squads. People like innocent black men on death row in the U.S. who are denied fair trials. Those who call for Prof. De Genova to go live in Iraq miss the fundamental point that neither Iraq nor America are “free” or just countries. U.S. soldiers have a choice to participate in this unjust desert slaughter, and De Genova courageously encouraged them to say “no”. No to empire and no to killing ordinary Iraqis, with whom American enlisted working class men and women have more common interests than they do with the racist tzars who run this country.
Leigh Johnson Columbia University Student
Editor’s Comment: To all who read this statement by this misguided human. Understand that Leigh is the product of the National Education Association and the University system we have allowed to flourish in America. This robot minded child has been led down the path of socialistic garbage and is doomed to live a life of hand wringing misery because she doesn’t have a clue as to why this country is the greatest country on earth. To her I say I feel so very sorry for you. But you’ve made a start. Keep reading SUA and maybe you’ll have a chance to leave the dark side and join the rest of America in the sunlight given a free and just people.

From Lori at RAGS11
Let’s go after Arnett for treason. There’s a good case for it.
Editor’s Comment: Peter Arnett has been at the bottom of the barrel in my book for years. In fact he’s the only one I hold lower than Larry King.

Patricia from Memphis writes
When I think of the word hero and how it applies to the world at large, I do not think of a Martin Sheen, Mike Farrell, Barbra Streisand, etc. I think instead of the policeman, fireman, doctors, nurses, and, our military personnel who fight every second of every day for people they do not even know. They do not do this for big money, for a moment in a spotlight that will fade with time, or, a few bad movies, etc. They do it because they have a calling and a desire to do something that is truly important; something that makes a real difference in people’s lives. Not some tv show, film, or concert that is simply a brief diversion from the days events. What they do is lasting and not for their own glory, their own little manufactured award that is so quickly forgotten by the masses. How many “award” winners have there been most of us have forgotten? Can most of us really name who won what Emmy, Oscar, Grammy, etc. recently? On a scale of 1-10 as to what is really important in this journey called life, entertainers come and go. But, I can bet you that I remember the doctor who saved my life when I was but a wee little girl! Get a grip hollywood…support the troops who are doing things you won’t even attempt in fictional, controlled, environments on tv/movie sets. Show some respect for once!
Editor’s Comment: You said it all!

Jodi from Valentine writes
Thank you for your web site. There have been days lately where I’ve questioned my own morals and ethics and wondered if I’m am really naive because I have faith and trust in our government and the decision to go to war. I’m also a movie buff and the money I’ve been saving not going to the theater I can spend on my cousin and his friends that are stationed in Kuwait. I strongly believe that freedom of speech is NOT freedom of action and I’m ashamed of those who are screaming for peace by using violence. No matter what side of the war you are on, there is one trait we as Americans have that terrorists do not. We have compassion. Compassion for our country, innocent lives, our troops, peace, President Bush, the country of Iraq, what or whoever, we feel that wonderful human quality. Terrorists do not have compassion for anything or anyone, including themselves (suicide bombers). Isn’t that frightening that there are human beings that don’t feel?
Editor’s Comment: Thanks for your comment and I think you’ve found a great way to spend your money.

John from Monterey writes
America, love it or leave it?
It’s been going on for a while now; at least since FDR and the “New Deal”, it’s the left’s attempt to change the basic, fundamental structure of America. In the beginning, even before Cher was born, our founding fathers (that’s right, I said fathers) sat down and wrote our Constitution. The Constitution is the guiding document that enshrines what it is to be American. There are a few basic concepts in it, the rights of the individual, personal responsibility, and limited federal powers. These things are what made America great, and are the things that continue to make America unique in this world of despots, dictators, and socialists.
Now that the war with Iraq has begun, we can see the left yelling ever louder about how America is wrong, and how we should be more like England, Canada, Germany, or God forbid, even France. They shout that we should socialize medicine, do what the U.N. wants, “redistribute” income, hell, I’ve even seen calls to eliminate the states and re-write the Constitution. To them I say leave! That’s right, there are plenty of countries that already have things the way you want, so just go there. And for those of you who say, “It’s my country too, and I’m allowed to work for change”, I say Bull! Anyone, I repeat, anyone who harbors such thoughts is not an American. You’re something else living here under false pretenses, and sheltering under the protection of the true Americans.
Yes, dissent is American, but attempting to restructure my country, and it’s basic principles, into some sort of euro-socialist workers utopia is not dissent, that’s invasion by another name.
So to you, the anti-war, anti-America, enviro-whacko, cultural diversity, universal health care scum, I say leave. You are un-American, and you have no place here among the inheritors of our legacy. Our legacy is one of individuality, responsibility, and freedom, the things that makes us unique in the world, and the history of the world. America is the only beacon of freedom, and we will not let you turn it into something else.
Editor’s Comment: We all have to remember that our enemies will use the Constitution as cover for their Un-American activities. It’s time to enforce the Espionage Act and put these traitors behind bars or send them to the country that most suits their ideology.

Lisa from Tucson writes
I read with great interest your biography and what a breath of fresh air! I grew up in Tucson (born here actually) and remember when people were just Americans! I have served in the military (Army, 15th Combat Support Hospital) and am SO PROUD to be an American. However, I think it should be known that I have two Canine-Americans (formerly known as Golden Retrievers) and three Feline-Americans (formerly known as Calicos)………keep up the good work!
Editor’s Comment: You can’t be a minority when you’re an American!

Dale from Oak Creek writes
Wow, Mike from Tuscon sounds just like me, ( a 60’s vet), getting old, and definitely getting tired of the liberals trying to turn this country in to another socialist state. Thank you for being another “watchdog” for the the right. Walter williams is my favorite. (Why you cannot take over the “rush hour” permanently I don’t know.)
God Bless.
Editor’s Comment: Thanks, but what’s the “rush hour.”

Lisa from Massillon writes
First of all, everyone who asked Hollywood their opinion please raise your hand and use it to smack yourself. Second, what is the percentage of actors with college degrees and what makes them think they are in any way qualified to impose thier ignorant views on all of America just beause they happen to have access to a microphone? Speaking of, will someone PLEASE take that damn microphone away! Why is it that we only hear from the actors who are against the war with Iraq? Is there no one in that god foresaken place that can see that Saddam is nothing but a tyrannical dictator that is killing his own people with no remorse? Hello? Talk about you typical good vs. evil! Sadly, Hollywood has decided to side with evil. One last comment, I have been a huge fan of The West Wing for years; depressingly enough though it is now showing signs that it has been on tv for too long; Martin Sheen thinks he really is the President of the United States. HE’S NOT!
Editor’s Comment: SUANews was created for all the reasons you have stated.

Ted writes
Mr. Diaz,
I’ve never written in to a publication, net or otherwise, in my life, but I feel I must. Can’t you see that by providing a forum like this that you are assisting the far right wing? You are becoming the unwitting dupe of the new facist, un-elected regime.
I say unwitting, because I’m sure it’s not your fault, but that of the current administration, and past (Reagen) administrations reductions in education funding, and increase in fascist military expenditures. Such reductions have gotten us such things as ever falling national test scores, and a “re-normed” IQ scale. Additionally, results of the financial starvation of education can be seen in such things as the rise in popularity of monster trucks, gun ownership, and the entire WWF (or is that WWE now?) debacle, as well as internet sites like yours. Perhaps a little more funding, more time to teach children the joys of love and a natural diet, and less time to force a rote memorization of such things as dates in ‘Murkin history, and the ridiculous mathematics taught in our western poisoned curriculum.
Meanwhile, our over expeditures in weapons brought us such things as cluster bomb units, who’s small submunitions are deliberetly designed to be attractive to toddlers, Napalm, a fine Dow chemical product, that sticks to skin and only skin, and the ever cowardly cruise missle, which fired from the shadows, has no practical target other than static objects like child care centers, as the kind and loving free people of Iraq are now discovering.
Your presence on the web should instead be devoted to love, nature, and collective, community farming efforts.
Editor’s Comment: No Comment.

Mike from Tucson writes
Michael Moore shame on you!!!!!!!! If you don’t like this country then get on the f—–ng boat and get your ass over to Iraq and go live in harmony with all the other terrorists. You stupid moron this country gave you the life you have so love it or leave it, but we would prefer that all of you idiots would just leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Editor’s Comment: Take a look at the World Socialist Web Site (WSWS) link on page one. Do some searching and you’ll find an interview with Red Star Mike.

Brian from Ellicott City writes
Check out for our two new Anti-Hollywood bumperstickers that we have been selling nationwide. We have HOLLYWOOD – PAID TO ACT NOT THINK and HOLLYWOOD – WASHINGTON FOR THE SIMPLE MINDED

Michael from Tucson writes

Loraine from kapha@ writes
I am soooo very tired of hearing these (actors) talk like they know what they are talking about?They do not represent the USA, Because they have the time, money (of which we gave them), they are self centered, self absorbed,basically people whithout morals, re, drugs,sex, breaking the law etc. they are ticked off (because their Man didn’t make it to the White house). I don’t care who our President is, we were taught by my father, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything. He fought in WW2, and the Korean War. I am proud to be an American, and beleive in GOD!

Paul from sandrock@ writes
If these actors/actresses are so upset with the policies of our ELECTED officials, let them leave.
Bush won. Why didn’t Baldwin leave? Steisand is on some type of self serving ego trip. Do what you do best……..sing and let it go at that. The biggest problem in this country is the silence of its people. APATHY is the biggest killer of a free society. Fight back. Tell the advertisers you are upset with the people they are paying to entertain us and you will reflect such disdain by your purchasing power. Don’t remain silent anymore. Remember, right or wrong……my country………right or wrong.

Pam From Science Hill writes
Thank you for your list of “artists” who have seen fit to abuse their celebrity and undermine the defense of our nation.
Editor’s Comment: The list will keep growing

Mike from Ogden writes
Isn’t it ironic, there were Pro-American rallies in Nashville, Houston, San Antonio, Tulsa, and about 6 other cities yesterday, and the liberal media gave little if no coverage.
Editor’s Comment: We attended a Support Our Troops Rally in Tucson and almost 4000 showed up. One local TV station (NBC) showed up. However, no reporter just the cameraman.

Dick from somewhere in space writes
Editor’s Comment:
Dick, Dick, Dick
If you would have sent your email address with your comment I could open a dialogue with you and we could address your concerns. Losing your temper in an emotional fit only serves to prove my point.

Lori from rags11@ writes
E-mail the address for me to send my check. Let’s stop these stars from lowering the morale of our fighting forces. Let’s boycott their movies, albums, and products they advertise. Let’s send them the message: WE SUPPORT OUR PRESIDENT, FIGHTING FORCES AND OUR COUNTRY. THANK YOU.
Editor’s Comment:
Even though and is FREE you can become a paid subscriber by hitting the Join Us button on the home page. Thanks we need your support!

Patti from mky writes
I am proud to be an American and anyone who isn’t can go to France.

Cliff From Washington D.C. writes
I like your site very much. In fact, your piece about O’Reilly was right on target; I was on that show when he claimed that scientists at MIT had told him man-made global warming was real, but I didn’t get a chance to direct him to Lindzen. However. I have just written an AIM Report on O’Reilly, making just that suggestion and asking our members to send postcards to O’Reilly asking him to get Lindzen on his show. Keep it up. We should keep the presssure up. In fact, I will do a “Media Monitor” for AIM mentioning your work on this one.
Editor’s Comment:
Thanks a lot, we need all the help we can get. O’Reilly is definetly in a spin on more environmental issues than just global warming

Mark from Tucson writes
This is a quote from Thomas Jefferson: “The right to tax is the right to destroy.”

Helen from Reseda writes
Please subscribe me to SUA Email Services.
Editor’s Comment:
Again, even though and is FREE you can become a paid subscriber by hitting the Join Us button on the home page. Thanks we need your support!

Jennifer from Tucson writes
I love the results of the women’s basketball scores and the men’s lacross scores!!!

Suzanne from San Diego writes
[On the Iraqi Editorial] I’m not thoroughly convinced that the premise is accurate. For one thing, the region was split up before the oil was really a concern. Back then coal was the major energy source. And all in all, Britain ended up keeping a portion of the area that was originally intended for France because of the oil that potentially was there. France didn’t put up much of a fuss.
The other thing that may be important is that the tribal shaykhs, what they call the chiefs/priests, had been losing authority during the Ottoman Empire. So where do they stand now. Who would be in charge of each tribe?
Editor’s Comment:
The point to be made is there was never an IRAQ until the League of Nations and Britain and France created it. That the people who have been living in the region, that is called Iraq, have been doing so for centuries and were primarily the Kurds in the north, the Sunnis in the middle and the Shias in the south. They all have been killing each other for centuries.
They all have tribal Shaykhs who are either somebody or nobody in modern Iraq depending on if they are Sunni or Shia or Kurd. Kurds are on the bottom with very few political appointments. Next the Shias with a few more. Overwhelmingly, the Sunnis have all the key government appointments.
There is a Shaykh in the south (Shia) that wants to play ball with the US but is afraid to do so unless we actually go to war. The Kurds tried a revolt with the guidance of the CIA during Clinton and Bill backed out at the last minute and they all got massacred.
They would still sign on if we actually go to war.
The Sunnis, Saddamm’s tribe, want him out but live in fear of death every minute of the day. My guess is 80% of them will sign on when it looks like we are winning the war.
We won’t have to worry about who will end up in charge, each tribe already has the hierarchy in place. Give them their land, their oil wells and cut an extremely long deal with them for freedom they will enjoy.

Mike from Tucson writes
In the 60’s I was in the military, and was ordered to keep my mouth and opinion to myself when naive tree hugging environmental fanatics, self centered socialists, radical communists, and the followers that had no purpose in life, burned our flag, spit on our men and women in uniform, protested about everything America stood for and believed in. Now they are doing it again. I am almost an old man, and you know what I don’t have to keep my mouth shut. I will oppose any liberal plan, scheme, or whatever that is designed to force America to divest itself of its traditions and slowly cow to the demands of more insane liberal thinking. You can use my full name anytime.


Dear Chuck:

I am a subscriber and submitted the acid rain story. I also gave you the contact for Dr. Michael Coffman, Environmental religion and Michael Bennett -Asbestos Racket.

Paducah has one of the original Nuclear Fission plants that gets all kinds of static from the “radicals.” I enjoyed Lloyd J. Mielke’s article “The Green Scapegoat.” I remember a little news article in USA Today about a ship yard on the northwest coast where nuclear powered ships were repaired. The fear of the one millirem background radiation in the area caused a health survey of the workers. They found that they had 24% fewer illnesses than a similar control cross section not exposed to the light radiation. Even with this data the feds are planning ways to eliminate that small background radiation.

Idea… Publish a little paper that puts many of the “Did You Know” items in a paper by category. I am thrilled when I get your newspaper. Keep up the good work.

James Bob Gresham AIA-PE, Paducah, Kentucky


Hi! SUA came today. Thanks. I get the weekly edition of the Washington Times. I am glad to see that you reprint their articles. My wife and I are 76 years old. We have both worked in the “public” school system and have seen it go from tolerable to what it is now.

I am in good health and probably have a few years left. I am looking for ways to promote the separation of school and state. Their combination has served to split many families in terms of their religion and other personal matters.

As an evangelical Christian I consider the government school as an enemy of anyone with moral convictions. I will fight for the right of others to differ from what I believe.

I have written to the Cato Institute and to the publishers of Separating School and State. I am looking for means to reach farther than just individual conversations.

At present I am in between jobs. I will find part time work. Since 1982 I have been a very effective substitute teacher, but that ended recently as the result of a dispute about classroom discipline.

How can I know when you will be speaking somewhere?

It is encouraging to know of you and your efforts for freedom from government tyranny. Keep it up.

Joe Shields, Tucson, AZ