Pedophilia, a Collapsing Taboo

Federal Justice Minister Allan Rock may be passionate when he argues that  federal laws need not define “sexual orientation” to exclude pedophilia, because  gays, lesbians and bisexuals find the  notion of adult-child sex as disgusting as  heterosexuals do. But he is wrong.

The International Lesbian and Gay  Association (ILGA) for years welcomed the North American Man-Boy Love Association as a member organization.  Only this past spring, after intense public pressure and the threat of a cut in its tax subsidies in the United States, did ILGA  expel NAMBLA.

Furthermore, in an essay in the July 8  issue of Xtra, Canada’s largest-circulation gay magazine, Gerald Hannon argues  that “children and  adults interact…in  many, many areas;  sports, education, religion, culture.  Why is  sex exempt?

“Does it not make sense to ask under  what conditions such activity can be ethical?  It seems as silly to condemn it out of hand as it would seem silly to condemn an adult male for coaching a children’s hockey team.  He may do it ethically or not, but the activity itself is surely ethically neutral.

“We must not treat  ‘pedophile’ as a synonym for ‘child abuser.’   It would make as much sense to treat ‘mother’ and ‘father’ as synonyms for ‘child abuser.’

“[Also] much is made…of a child’s inability to give consent to something so mysterious and ‘adult’ as sex.  Yet…there are many occasions on which a child’s consent is neither relevant or solicited.  Education and religion…are the significant examples, but an ordinary day provides hundreds of more trivial ones.  We do not ordinarily solicit a child’s informed consent every time we ask it to get into an automobile — yet all adults understand that such an act could mean death or terrible physical damage.

“What sex might mean to a child must also be taken into consideration if we are to act ethically.  Penetration, for example, might be of little interest to a child [although Mr. Hannon has seen pornography where little boys seemed to enjoy it]…[Besides] it makes good educational sense to push a child’s limits, much as we do in sports or academics, by requiring of them things they might at first feel incapable of doing.

“I could never understand before how children’s hockey differed from an organized child-sex ring.  Both involved children and adults.  Both involved strenuous physical activity (adult coaches taking the role of adult lover).  Both involved danger.  Both involved pleasure.  Yet we approve of children’s hockey and deplore child-sex rings.”

In addition, Angles, Vancouver’s gay magazine, states categorically that one of its goals is “the right of all people of all ages…to equal participation in all aspects, including sexual, of the lesbian, gay and bisexual communities.” In its October issue, Angles’ feature letter to the editor was from a pedophile claiming his perversion was normal.

Reprinted with permission from B.C. Report, a weekly news magazine published in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  For more information about B.C. Report, contact the magazine directly at B.C. Report Magazine LTD., #103-1161 Melville Street, Vancouver British Columbia, V6E 2X7 or by calling (604) 682-8202 (NOW CLOSED)

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