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Dear Friends:

As you are well aware, the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) on wolf recovery in Yellowstone Park and central Idaho has been released and, not surprisingly, it recommends transplanting wolves in Yellowstone and central Idaho.

That obviously is not the desire of the people of Wyoming, Idaho or Montana, but rather outsiders who seek to push their agenda upon us. And, they have the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and the National Park Service (UPS) on their side doing everything they can to promote wolf recovery. There is big money in wolf recovery for these bureaucrats. And I can guarantee you this recovery will cost more than $6.000.000.

How do we know the states of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming don’t want wolves? Simple. The Wyoming State Legislature has passed a Resolution against recovery; Idaho passed a Resolution stating the same; and a majority of Montana Legislators signed a petition opposing wolf recovery as well.

Additionally, we have collected over 25,000 petition signatures opposing wolf recovery. That is the strongest local statement made in the region. And we’re not the only ones who circulated petitions. We know of at least two other organizations that circulated petitions and got thousands of petition signatures as well. (Enclosed is a copy of our petition. We would request you circulate it as widely as possible. Do not sign more than once.)

The USFWS recommendation is for an ~experimental~ population of wolves. Supposedly we are to have management flexibility under the ~experimental~ status. That is a joke!

How do we know? By looking at Minnesota and Alaska.

In Minnesota, even the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) admitted the exploding wolf population needed control. But when they attempted to give Minnesota some limited control options, the wolf lovers sued the USFWS and won further protection for the wolf. Thus, no wolf management in Minnesota.

Last year Alaska’s Board of Game specified some limited wolf control on 3.5% of the state. Alaska has 7,000 to 10,000 wolves. The purpose of the wolf control was to meet projected subsistence (necessary food) levels for Alaska’s people.
Special interest groups (i.e. greenies) flooded the governor’s office with letters and angry phone calls.

A boycott was threatened. State officials got scared and backed off the wolf control. They chose to let their people go hungry rather than kill a wolf and incur the wrath of the greenies. And remember there are at least 7,000 wolves in Alaska. _V are not even on the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Now, do you think they will let the western states manage wolves?

We believe wolf recovery can be stopped and we see a golden opportunity to do so right now. But it depends on two things: Hard work and a no-compromise stand against this wolf recovery fiasco.

We can stop wolf recovery by overwhelming the USFWS with -No Wolf Alternative” surveys. A copy of that survey is enclosed with this letter. This allows the recipient a most convenient way to send in a comment–Fill out the survey, sign it, fold it, stamp It and they are done.

Does this type of survey work? Yes. it does. We coordinated with several local organizations in New Mexico on the Mexican wolf recovery plan and overwhelmed the pro-wolfers. It was something like 460 opposition surveys to 127 pro-wolf letters. It works!

This survey has been thoroughly researched by our staff and can be verified on every point.

What about that golden opportunity mentioned earlier? Here it is. Right now the environmental groups are divided into three camps over this draft plan. That’s right, they’re fighting amongst themselves on whether or not to support this plan. The three positions are:

1) “We’re against an ‘experimental’ designation, we want full protection under the Endangered Species Act,”
2) “There should never be a transplant of wolves because we have a natural wolf recovery occurring in these areas.” sierra Club has filed a lawsuit regarding this position.)
3) “Let’s support the ‘experimental’ designation. once we get the wolves in, we can always se for full protection. ” (This third position is by far the most dangerous.)

Now if we can get every livestock group, every multiple use group, every hunting group, every outfitter and guide, every county commission (there are a bunch already on record opposing wolf recovery), every natural resource user group, etc., etc. to circulate petitions and surveys (particularly the surveys), we can overwhelm the opposition.

Will you help? We don’t want credit for this effort. That’s why there’s no letterhead on the survey. We just want to win and aeon wolf recovery.

These surveys can be circulated at sporting goods stores, county fairs, community get-togethers, etc. You name it, the sky’s the limit. Also remember that the EIS is national in scope so if you have contacts with national groups, by all means, solicit their support. And, don’t forget to tell folks from other parts of the country that the Yellowstone wolf recovery is the pilot program for wolf recovery in some 16 other states. The consequences of this recovery are very serious!

Don’t not let the feds and special interest groups dictate their agenda to us. Now is the time to stop wolf recovery dead in its tracks. We can do it if we all pull together and unite our side while the other side is divided. Please, please help aeon this unnecessary. costly program.

If you have any questions and need assistance, don’t hesitate to call our office.


Try R. Marker
Research division
Preserving Great North America~ Traditions