If you had to remove one of the Presidents from Mount Rushmore,

Answered by Chuck Diaz, Editor SUAnews

Teddy Roosevelt

He believed that government should be more involved in the regulation of business. He was known as a trustbuster because he broke-up monopolies. Used the Sherman Anti-trust Act to break up powerful trusts like Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Trust.**

Roosevelt insisted the big capitalists were mere capitalists and that he and the elected officials of the country were the ones the people had chosen.**

Nobody had elected JP Morgan to anything. Nobody had elected John D Rockefeller to anything, but the People had elected Roosevelt as president of the United.**

Roosevelt’s arrogance about an elected official being more important than any of the Titan’s put America on the wrong path. Wilson took us further down that wrong path and FDR damn near destroyed us.

I find it amazing that it has taken one of the new Titan’s, Donald J Trump to exchange his role of a Titan for the role of President of the United States in order to save us from what the politicians have wrought.

** These are notes I’ve taken while viewing “The Men Who Built America” a History Channel documentary. I can’t remember if I copied them word for word or if they are my words.