Is it too late to disentangle American conservatism from White nationalism?

Answer to QUORA question by C H Diaz

If a person is a conservative, there is no need to separate it from white nationalism.  That’s because, except for fringe elements that can exist on both sides, there is NO white nationalism. It is a media narrative used by the left to shame patriots of our great country.

The left now describes anyone who wishes to follow our Constitution as far right. In reality it’s because they have moved so far left.

When President Trump called himself a Nationalist! He said it proudly and I’m all in with him. I believe what he said can be interpreted as an American Nationalist and that hits home with me too.

We the People of the United States are not the stupid, deplorable, racists, haters the main stream media tries to make us out to be. That is a narrative they have thrust upon us. We are American Nationalists and it’s time to take the narrative away from the media and define ourselves.

The main stream media insists using the term “White Nationalists” because of a few lunatics. Both sides have lunatics and I claim to be American Nationalist. The media and the left seek to deceive American Nationalism as a KKK, Nazi loving bunch of racist haters, but that’s their lie. The truth is, being a Nationalist has nothing to do with race and everything about one’s country. An American Nationalist is just that.

We believe in the identity of our Western Culture, our American culture and our country. We believe in our Constitution as conceived, we believe in enforcing our immigration laws. We believe there are two sexes. We believe in strong borders and we believe in one on one trade deals.

A Nationalist is not a Globalist and that’s what it’s all about. Trump is destroying the globalist dream with our approval.

We don’t believe in White Supremacy, we believe in American Supremacy.

We don’t believe in White Privilege, we believe in American Privilege.

Those two privileges are that which comes from being an American Citizen able to enjoy the fruits of what the greatest political document in the history of the world, our Constitution, has given us.

People of all races, nationalities and all ethnicities can have that privilege. All they have to do is accept America and assimilate to her in their heart and soul. They must accept Western Culture as their own. They must accept America’s traditions and its values as their own and apply for immigration legally.

This does not mean they must give up their own traditions, but they must love the idea of becoming an American and accept that America wasn’t created to keep us diverse. America was created to bring us together as one people in one country under one flag speaking one language with the freedom to worship our God, as Americans.

George Washington said:

“The name of AMERICAN, which belongs to you, in your national capacity, must always exalt the just pride of Patriotism, more than any appellation derived from local discriminations.” – President George Washington, Farewell Address

The Democrats have done a good job conning everyone into believing we are a diverse nation, we are not. We are a nation made up from a diversity of people who become ONE. We are one as American’s.

America’s enemies want us to be many people, they want us separated by our ethnicity, by our race, our religion, our sex and anything else they can throw at us. In short they want us DIVERSE!

They are wrong and we are paying the price for the Lefts influence in this country. We are not a diverse nation! We are one America!

Then in 2014 Americans voted the Republicans control of the Senate. And with the Trump victory, the American People have completed their mission to take back our country. We are now on the path to becoming an exceptional nation filled with exceptional people with American Privilege.

It’s too bad there are those on the Left who consider it American Privilege as white privilege. All other groups can form their own organizations, i.e. ANTIFA, BLM, REVCOM, CPUSA, The Black caucus, La Raza, LGBTQ, Feminist organizations like NOW and every other group you can think of, but if the White voters elect a White president, they say they do so because they are racist, bigots, homophobe and every other name the left can come up with.

While there are a few lunatics the media likes to call White Nationalists, there are American Nationalists who happen to be White. There are American Nationalists who are of every race. We aren’t racists, the left is.

My last name is DIAZ and I’m an American Nationalist. I enjoy all the privileges that come with being a person who loves this country. I’m also of Mexican descent and I grew up eating tortillas and beans on a daily basis and still do.

But my heritage is American, my traditions are American, my heroes are American and my values are American. I have nothing in common with the government of Mexico. I do have many friends I love who are Mexican.

I enjoy my American Privilege and if anyone wants to call it White Privilege, they do so with the hate they have in their heart for our America.

I was able to become an American because during the time I was growing up in school, the school system still taught American values, American History and they taught us The Constitution and how our nation and Western Civilization was founded.

We must help our children become Americans by taking back our schools and ridding ourselves of the indoctrination of our children. We must rid ourselves of the National Education Association and every other teacher’s union that fester among us.

We must make sure President Trump knows this is a number one priority. Look at the riots in our schools today because Trump was elected. These are not our American children; they are a product of the hateful indoctrination of the Left.

This is not the time to reach across the aisle, you can’t work with these maniacs. We got pissed off and gave the Republicans the House, The Senate and now The White House and the leaders of the House and Senate must ram every bill through Congress using any means at their disposal to get our wounded Country back to its Constitutional values.

That means our job is not yet complete. Since the election of Donald Trump, the establishment swamp has been identified and we are learning who they are. We must boot them out of Washington, if necessary one at a time.

With the recent Barr hearings we are and will find out the absolute corruption that exists in our blessed country and IT WILL BE ROOTED OUT!

WE must help Donald Trump in 2020 by replacing as many RINO Republicans as we can in the House and in the Senate. At the same time, we must rid ourselves of as many Democrats as we can in every election from this day forward.

We can no longer stay silent, we can no longer only vote. We all must get involved, we all must help Donald Trump save our country. We must insist that the Un-American Activities Committee be reestablished with mandatory subpoena power and the ability to transfer anyone considered guilty to the Department of Justice for prosecution.

Our Constitution was not designed to be a hand book used by our enemies to overthrow our government. We must stop them now!