QUORA Question

“Can you think of a moral argument against implementing political literacy tests in order to vote in elections?”

Answered by Charles H Diaz, Owner/Editor SUANews.com

Liberals love to state the Constitution was written over two hundred years ago and because times change it is illogical to follow the thoughts of so primitive thinkers. It is said many other ways, but they all mean the same thing, our Constitution is out of date with modern progressive Liberals.

Sounds good to them, but it’s a lie. It is made by people who fear the Constitution and those who seek power and control over others. It is understood by people who know nothing of the Constitution, so they can’t disagree with the statement. I’ll try to explain, but I have to start with what happened recently.

The other day I was trying to explain freedom and our Constitution to one of my grandchildren, age fourteen. I started by asking him if he believed that Man was Man created by God or by evolution. He of course answered, God.

I then told him there were probably just as many people who believe in the evolution of Man as do that God created Man.

At this point I said were going to talk about it from the point of view of an atheist who only believes in evolution as the answer.

With that understanding, the evolutionist must agree that on one day or at one moment in time, Man became Man. It could have been the instant that man stood, walked upright, thought or whatever the evolutionist wants to make that moment, the moment.

I asked my grandson if that man had any rights, did he have, at that moment at that time, did he have the right to feed himself?

Did he have the right to defend himself?

Did he have the right to make some property his?

The answer to all three questions is, of course, YES.

So, who or what gave Man those rights on that day at that time at that moment?

Since we have agreed to discuss this from the evolutionist’s perspective then it was Evolution gave Man those rights.

Still with me?

As time passed there were more men, and women, and the instant two men met, one became the boss, or the leader. I asked my grandson who the leader was in his group of friends in school, and he nodded. He understood me. I’ll ask you the same question. In your group of friends, who is the one who holds the most sway?

In the beginning the strongest was usually the leader, that is if you believe any of the caveman stories. It would seem logical, but a leader was definitely made by some manner of strength or wit. He agreed.

I continued, as the numbers of humans grew the leaders became Kings, Queens, Caesar’s, Emperors and the like. They appointed Dukes and Earls. They had Children who became the rightful heir and the ruling class was created at many levels, all having their rights determined by someone of higher standing than they.

Throughout all time leaders of all sorts made up governments of all types and the average man followed the rules and laws made by the rulers.

Freedom to do things were granted by the kings, queens and the ruling class for centuries.

At this point atheists must decide if evolution also created the ruling class and if Man’s rights are only granted by government. The atheist cannot believe our rights come from God. So, they must believe our rights originated with nature or the advent of Government.

Then came America.

The Declaration of Independence was a declaration to all the world’s governments stating why the Colonies were freeing themselves from British rule and leveled charges against King George III. They declared, in those charges, why George was unfit to rule over them. No one had ever done this in the history of mankind.

In the declaration they also declared that all men are created equal and our rights come from our creator. You can pick which creator you like. And please let’s not get into any discussion of slavery or women’s rights, we can discuss them later. But you should realize that the slavery issue was initiated by the colonies for more than one hundred years before the Revolutionary War, and the slaves were in reality the property of King George and the kings that came before him.

So, they fought a war against the most powerful empire of the time and against all odds won the war.

It was then, after a few years of trial and error and much discussion the Constitution and Bill of Rights were written.

No other constitution of any other country is written as ours is and that is why ours is so special. To understand our Constitution, you have to understand how and why they wrote it the way they did.

You have to understand that what is not written is as important as what is written, in fact more so.

On that day, they ratified our Constitution, at that time, and moment there were no laws the citizens of the United States had to follow. Our Constitution did not mention anything that the People had to do. It does not forbid anything except treason, counterfeiting and piracy. The government was given 18 enumerated rights. You should look them up.

On that day all People had the right to do anything and that could only change by the People at the State level to pass a law to stop our making something against the law. Only the People at the State level, not Washington DC could create laws that govern the People.

On that day, at that time, man stood as free as the first man did on the first day man stood. There were no American laws, only the remnants of British laws that were now not legal.

It may be hard to understand the idea that there were no laws, but at the time, the bible was the guide for people to interact with each other. As time continued laws were passed but they were all passed at the State level as called for by the Constitution. But it took a long while for some of the most basic laws to be passed.

We remember the Wild West days in America. The 1800’s had to be the freest time in all American history. If two men got in an argument they could go out to the street and shoot, it out. That may sound uncivilized, but it’s freedom.

They could go out and find gold, silver, oil, water, and just about anything else without any permit. Just find it and make a claim. No other country allowed that.

In 1889, over a hundred years after the Constitution was passed, there was a strike at a Pennsylvania steel factory and the strikers barricaded the facility to not allow scabs to cross the picket line. The head of the company hired the Pinkerton Agency to break the strike.

The Pinkerton Agency by that time was nothing more than hired guns. In the following confrontation about a dozen strikers were killed and no one went to jail.


Because it wasn’t against the law to kill strikers at that time and moment. The people of Pennsylvania were so upset about it the State immediately passed a law making it a crime.

I mention all this for you to understand why our Constitution is still relevant and what it does.

Our Constitution is an organizational structure that organizes the federal government into three branches. The Congress, the Judicial and the Executive branches. Can that be out of date?

Next, our Constitution is a list of policies and procedures, to wit, how the branches work with each other. Can that be out of date?

It then grants certain responsibilities and authorities for each branch. The authority is very limited, they are referred to as the “enumerated” rights. This has been misunderstood and misapplied. We need to fix this.

Our forefathers viewed the new federal government somewhat like they viewed King George and they didn’t want to grant too much power to it. Over the years that has changed to the point our Constitution is almost irrelevant.

But originally it was the States and the People who had the authority to pass laws for the common good, not the federal government.

They decided, instead of listing all the freedoms granted by our creator to instead do the reverse. That is, to limit the authority of the federal government and all the rest belong to us. Like THOUSANDS of natural rights.

In the Constitution, if a certain subject or issue is not addressed, that subject or issue is none of the federal government’s business.

That one thing makes the Constitution of the United States different than any other on earth. Check it out.

What our forefathers had conceded was it was they had no right to list rights that come from our Creator and it was easier to define freedom by by not mentioning what freedoms/rights were allowed. Instead, they used language that prohibited the federal government from passing any laws and by design left questions of morality to the People and the States.

The Federal Government was allowed certain enumerated rights and then stated that any rights or privileges not mentioned in the Constitution belonged to the States and the People. (10th Amendment)

So, if you have understood me, our Constitution defines freedom in America and the definition of freedom will never change. It also shackles the federal government. If freedom/rights are defined by the People, only the People can place limits on freedom/rights at the State and local levels.

Our forefathers were OK with that, they wanted to make sure there wouldn’t be another version of King George created under the name of a federal government.

So, if the definition of freedom never changes and the Constitution concedes all right belong to the People and The States, what does?


Our Constitution does not address any moral issues in the original text or Bill of Rights.. It is secular. It does not mention God, Christianity, marriage, homosexuality or education. It does not say it is against the law to murder, to steal or any other moral issue. It does not mention abortion and no federal law may be made for or against any moral issue.

It therefore does not allow the federal government to meddle in issues of morality. Morality is left to the States and the People and laws pertaining to morality can and will change as the People desire.

The Supreme Court was originally set up to insure any laws passed were in fact, Constitutional. By definition it then stands that the Supreme Court could not address issues of morality and has acted unconstitutionally.

It took them just under two hundred years to screw that up.

Our Constitution does not mention education, so therefore the subject of education is left to the States and the People. That’s why the Federal Department of Education is actually unconstitutional.

This doesn’t mean education isn’t necessary or required, it means our Forefathers wanted the People in the States to determine what kind of education should be taught and how it should be taught at the local level.

The idea of one size fits all is only an idea promoted by those who wish central control of the People and our Forefathers prevented that the only way they could. They didn’t give the federal government the authority or responsibility for education to the federal government.

They also didn’t give the federal government to authority to meddle with guns, ammunition, and weapons. The idea that people kill people, not guns, is lost in the minds of people who don’t have a clue as to hard it was for mankind to regain the freedom man was created with to defend himself.

The emotional response some people have that gives credit to an object and that if we remove the object from the hands of honest citizens that is somehow going to prevent the evil and unstable to stop the killing is beyond comprehension.

Morality is ours to define and enforce, not the federal government. All we need to do is get back to our Constitution. The privilege to vote was defined in the text of the Constitution as it should. It’s not a moral issue, it’s a doing what’s best for the United States issue.

I believe people who receive money or any hand out should not be able to vote. They will vote for more free stuff and can be bought. When FDR created Social Security, it was unconstitutional and the People let it pass. Obama care is unconstitutional, Free phones and food stamps are unconstitutional Giving people money in a Cash for Clunkers is unconstitutional.

“When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.”. Benjamin Franklin

He also said;

“The government will one day be corrupt and filled with liars, and the people will flock to the one that tells the truth.”

It seems our Forefathers were right and our republic was falling apart. America is flocking to the one who tells the truth and the corrupt liars and swamp dwellers are in panic mode.

So tell me, is the law president Trump is calling for on late term abortions Constitutional?