QUORA Question 6-2-2019

 What can the Republican Party do in order to gain the confidence and trust of Latin and Hispanic voters in the United States?

Answered by Chuck Diaz June 2, 2019

I’m a “Latin” or “Hispanic” voter, but I’m really an American of Mexican descent. And so are many more. We need to remember the only reason we have to worry about the “Hispanic” voter is because the Democrat Left is willing to break American law to get them here and in some cases allow them to vote.

We need to enforce our laws, end chain migration, end the anchor baby status, stop ALL immigration for at least ten years in order to implement the infrastructure we need to thoroughly vet anyone trying to enter our country. Diseases are popping up all around the country because the illegals are bringing them across with them.

We must change our school system to teach our founding and why it was the greatest founding in the history of mankind. This would also be implemented during the ten year immigration hold.

There are certain so-called Americans who have become racially motivated minority groups and are tearing at the fabric of America. Instead of a melting pot, we are becoming more of an egg separator. Factions professing that heritage is more important than being American are unknowingly—or worse, knowingly—dividing America into ethnic or racial groups.

It seems some people only care about taking from America and not giving anything back. Not even being proud enough to call themselves Americans first, they hyphenate their nationality by placing an ethnic nationality reference before the word American.

These people are predominantly Afro-American and Mexican-American. They claim ethnic heritage is more important than American heritage. Instead of assimilating the American thought, the American way, and the American dream, they place their ethnicity above being American, and still use all that America has to offer. They reject American heritage.

As an American of Mexican descent, I was born in America and I was taught and believe George Washington was a hero. Today’s hyphenated Americans must reject that premise and believe they need to be taught of some other heroes. They demand bilingual education as a better option for their hyphenated American children. The worst possible thing the American educational system can do is graduate a student who cannot speak English fluently.

When Irish, Germans, French, Jews, Koreans, Chinese, or most other nationals migrate to America, they don’t demand to be taught in their languages. Today, Americans of Asian descent aren’t demanding to be taught in their language, and they are consistently the top performers in our scholastic system. Is it that they think becoming an American is the most important thing in their life, important enough to leave their country in favor of the land of freedom?

Why is there so much support for today’s hyphenated Americans to be brainwashed into believing it’s most important to be a hyphenated American? Why aren’t they being encouraged to assimilate? In doing what they are doing, they not only destroy their children’s chances but also add unnecessary costs to our educational system by claiming ethnic-heritage education is required for self-esteem.

I’m an American with a last name of Diaz, and I have enough self-esteem for a dozen people. But then, I’m proud of being an American. I’m proud of being of Mexican descent. I grew up eating beans and tortillas for breakfast lunch and dinner, right next to steak, meatloaf, and fried chicken.

When it comes to teaching a child reading, writing, and arithmetic, it doesn’t make any difference where the child’s parents were born. Yet certain educators say they can’t teach all kids out of the same book. What does a child’s ethnicity have to do with American history, with grammar, with math, or with science?

Being born American or becoming a naturalized citizen should not be the totally free ride it has become. It is said America gives many freedoms to all when it should say America gives many freedoms to all who embrace her.

The last time anyone tried to divide America, a civil war was fought and Americans killed Americans to keep this nation intact. Yet these so called Afro- and Mexican-Americans do nothing but preach division. They and their supporters believe history must be revised to include a point of view other than American.

They try to belittle America’s history by making the white male European connection sound chauvinistically racist. They completely forget that the white European male-dominated Constitutional Convention created the very document that allows them the freedom to make those ridiculous charges. They forget that the white European male-dominated explorers helped carve the greatest nation in the world.

If this experiment had not happened, and succeeded, all those who are complaining could be bowing down to a king or sacrificing virgins to some sun god at noon on a daily basis. If we allow them to demean American history, we are allowing them to demean the very core of what it means to be American.

Even though our Constitution is the primary cause of American success, it has been under assault for decades. The more we distance ourselves from the Constitution, the worse America’s future becomes.

I grew up in South Central LA, in a broken home and as an “ethnic” minority. I am not a university graduate, but I did graduate from high school. I have lived a pretty good life because I’m not stupid and do not lack common sense. I do have the brains that God gave me.

I grew up believing that being American was the best thing that could happen to a person. To my parents, being Mexican only signified the country from which they migrated. They legally migrated to come to the land of freedom and opportunity.

I remember movies that portrayed immigrants arriving from Europe and seeing the Statue of Liberty for the first time. Actors like Spencer Tracy played characters whose first goal was to learn American English—the language of our liberty. Next, they studied to become citizens, and the day they did was glorious. To be an American was foremost in the mind of the immigrant. Next to being an American, the most important thing was being an individual.

Every success or failure in my life is because I, Diaz, a man, did it. Not because I’m an American, not because I’m of Mexican descent, but because America gave me the chance to succeed or fail. And I did it with all the privileges created by America. Not white privilege, American privilege, not white supremacy, American supremacy and America’s blessing!

The Democrats need racism to survive. They can’t exist in a united people who consider themselves Americans.

The Democratic Left stokes the fire with terms like “White Nationalists” and “White Privilege” They can’t accept we are American nationalists with American privilege.

American Privilege is what separates us from everyone else on this planet, but the Democrats don’t want you to know why or where the “privilege” comes from.

It’s really American Privilege and it’s the primary cause of American Exceptionalism.

What is American Privilege?

It’s the privilege all American’s have (or had) living free as intended by our Constitution. People of all colors can have that privilege if they only accept America, its traditions and its values.

The migrants must love the idea of being an American and accept that America wasn’t created to keep us diverse, it was created to make us one from many.

Let me say that another way. All this baloney the Left has said about DIVERSITY in America is a lie!

America was not founded to be a DIVERSE nation, that’s a myth started by the Left.

I’m not saying we don’t have a lot of people from different parts of the world here, we grew to be a great nation by many different people coming from many countries around the world.

BUT when they migrated to this country, they did so to become ONE WITH AMERICA. To become Americans not just citizens. America was considered a melting pot and that’s the opposite of being diverse.

The liberal left has done a great job in conning us and the rest of the world into believing America should celebrate its diversity as in,

we are not one people under one flag who speak one language.

Instead they want us to be many people, separated by our ethnicity, race, religion and anything else they can throw at us. They are wrong and we will pay the price for the lefts influence on this country.

There should be no Black community in America. There should only be an American community made up of many races living as one people in America. The Black people in America must end their self-imposed segregation and join America. You can’t be in the minority when you’re an American.

It’s too bad there are those on the Left who consider it White Privilege, for some reason or another there are White Liberals who hate White men.

All other groups can form their own organizations, i.e. The Black caucus, La Raza, LGBTQ, Feminist organizations like NOW, ANTIFA, BLM and every other group you can think of, but if the White voter’s elect a president, they do so because they are racist, bigots, homophobe and every other name the left can come up with.

The Democrats can not survive unless they keep us divided and that’s another reason they hate Trump. He’s bringing us together and Black Americans are becoming Americans who happen to be Black.

My last name is DIAZ and I’m an American nationalist and I enjoy all the privileges that come with being a person who loves this country. I’m also of Mexican descent and I grew up eating tortillas and beans on a daily basis. (I still do) But my heritage is American, my traditions are American, my heroes are American and my values are American.

I enjoy my American Privilege and if anyone wants to call it White Privilege ithey do so with the hatred of America in their heart.