Seldom Heard Quotes – On Global Matters Part 2.2

“There is no evidence of global warming.”

Dr. Dixy Lee Ray

Dr. Dixy Lee Ray was Senior Scholar with the Office of Environmental Health and Safety, University of Maryland; Assistant Secretary of State in the U.S. Bureau of Oceans; former Governor of Washington State; Former Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission; recipient of the United Nations Peace Prize; and author of Trashing the Planet.  She made the above statement during testimony to the “Global Warming: Revealing the Truth” hearing, Washington D.C., May 28, 1992.

Dr. Ray’s book, Trashing the Planet, should be mandatory reading for every congressional representative in our capital and at the state level. Every school system should be encouraged to include it in the school curriculum at the appropriate grade level.

Read over Dr. Ray’s credentials in the first paragraph of commentary above. The media takes an advocacy position on most environmental extremist viewpoints. Unfortunately, when Dr. Ray died we lost one of the truly outspoken women of science.

Why does the media completely ignore real science?




  The “estimated gross amount of CO2 produced (by termites) is

more than twice the net global input from fossil fuel combustion.”

 Science Magazine
November 5, 1982

While this may cause you to laugh, it is true. Even more staggering is the fact that humans create seven billion tons of CO2 each year that go into the atmosphere.

It sounds like an enormous amount until you realize nature produces two hundred billion tons of CO2each year.

Humans’ produce 3 ½ % of the total.

Think about it: Humans produce a mere three and one-half percent of total CO2 released into the atmosphere and the environmentalists are saying if we can cut our CO2 output by X percent we’ll save the planet.!




“A global climate treaty must be implemented, even if there is no

scientific evidence to back the greenhouse effect.”

Richard Benedick
State Department employee
Conservation Foundation Conference,                                                                             1989, “Who Needs Evidence,” in,
“The Greenhouse Effect is a Fraud,”
by Rogelio A. Maduro,
21st Century, March/April, Pages 14-15 and Page 25

There IS NO scientific evidence for the greenhouse effect. In Rio they made an issue because the United States wouldn’t sign the global warming treaty.

Former Vice President Al Gore said, “The real problem is President Bush extracted a high price in return for his willingness to go. He essentially confronted the rest of the world with a demand that there be absolutely no commitments to do anything in the treaties that are going to be signed there, and that’s a shame.”

Sorry, Mr. Gore. It may be a shame to you, but to America, it’s a blessing.  And when it comes to our president confronting the rest of the world, that’s leadership.




“…the U.S. should not agree to binding targets and timetables on

emissions at the Rio conference…while there is a plausible ring to

the argument that it would be wise for countries to take action,

“just in case,” the costs of government-mandated reductions in

CO2 would be enormous. Such reductions would impose heavy

costs on American families and raise unemployment.”

John Shanahan, Policy Analyst
in “A Guide To The Global Warming Theory,”
for The Heritage Foundation Backgrounder, May 21, 1992, p. 18

The media scientist would disagree with this statement. The true scientists have repeatedly tried to share this point of view with America, but the media doesn’t want it revealed. In a Wall Street Journal article entitled “Beware of False Gods in Rio,” it stated 218 scientists from around the world had signed a statement warning, “We do, however, forewarn the authorities in charge of our planet’s destiny against decisions which are supported by pseudo-scientific arguments or false and non-relevant data.”  Of the 218 scientists in attendance, 46 were Americans and 27 were American Nobel Prize winners.

But what do they know? In a CNN interview, former media-senator and apparently pseudo-scientist Al Gore said, “It’s so ridiculous for the president to say there’s a choice between a healthy environment and a healthy economy.”  Does he mean people aren’t first on the environmental agenda?

Had he been in a more influential position during the Rio conference, Mr. Gore might have signed America down the river.