American’s Liberal Cancer

By Walter E. Williams (1996)


Ideas of the liberal media and academic elite, supported by liberal politicians, have delivered one disaster after another. Their agenda has featured attacks on shame, traditional values and civilized standards of conduct.

Take the afternoon television sleaze shows where hosts have guests ranging from those who’ve slept with their daughters’ boyfriend and teenage male and female prostitutes to gang bangers and other lowlifes. Viewers are supposed to believe that these life-styles are morally equivalent to any other life-style. I’m not calling for censorship or even tuning out because there’s a bit of voyeurism in all of us. Just recognize that these people are America’s human debris.

The so-called spouse abuse “crisis” is a modern liberal cause and part of a devious agenda. According to U.S. Department of Justice statistics, the 1992 rates of assaults per 1,000 of the population by marital status were: never married (males, 23) and (females, 12); divorced or separated (males, 14) and (females, 9); married (males, 6) and (females, 3). Clearly, both men and women are safer when married. The least likely assault victim is a wife. What the liberals call wife beating is more accurately labeled girlfriend or “partner” beating.

Male-female relationships within marriage are far more stable than in “partnerships” — in my day called shacking up. Reduced assault rates are just one benefit. Children raised in a traditional family have higher cognitive skills and lower delinquency rates. The poverty rate for traditional families is lower; in the case of blacks, it’s around 7 percent, compared to 34 percent for blacks in general. Married men not only earn higher income, but they’re healthier and live longer as well. Despite these benefits, liberals demean, attack and undermine what they trivialize as the “Ozzie and Harriet” family. The reason is simple: Liberals have an agenda incompatible with the traditional family.

Friedrich Engels’ first draft of the Communist Manifesto called for deliberate undermining of the family as a means to accomplish the Marxist agenda. Like Marxists, liberals want people to be loyal and obedient clients of the state. Strong families undermine that agenda. Liberals want to determine when sex and what moral values are taught children. They want minor children to have abortions. Judges who rule that children can get abortions with neither parental knowledge nor parental consent help undermine family authority. Hillary Clinton and her pals advocate children’s rights. Getting their hands on our children at early ages gives liberals more time to undermine family values; that’s why they attack home schooling.

Who are the heroes of liberals and targets of their endless compassion? It’s easy: bums and vagrants. The ACLU will go miles to make sure a foul smelling, nuisance-making vagrant can enter a library but not an inch for a law abiding person who’s been mugged. Its endless compassion extends to barbaric criminals. It has helped set criminals free to prey on us and led the fight to make us defenseless by its gun-control efforts.

Also included among liberal hero/mascots are disease carriers. Liberals seek early parole for AIDS-infected prisoners and call for anonymity laws that enable AIDS-infected people to spread their deadly disease to others. The medical profession participates in the dishonesty about AIDS by having us believe that AIDS can’t be acquired through casual contact as it did some years ago when a San Francisco hospital punished nurses who used masks and gloves while handling AIDS patients.

If our country is to survive and prosper, we must summon the courage to condemn and reject the liberal agenda, and we had better do it soon.



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