We Need More Multiculturism

Fallout from the O.J. Simpson acquittal has produced a rage of sorts that threatens to engulf the white community. As such, it’s a sign that white people haven’t availed themselves of a multicultural education. If they had an understanding of multicultural theory, as Johnnie Cochran has, white people would know it was impossible that O.J. could have murdered his wife and Ron Goldman because police officer Mark Fuhrman is a racist. Prosecutor Marcia Clark’s behavior is understandable; she doesn’t look like she’s taken even one multi-culturalism class. Don’t ask me to explain Chris Darden’s behavior.

White people showed another multiculturalism deficit in their anger at seeing television shots of cheering Howard University Law School students when the O.J. verdict was announced. Their glee is understandable. Howard University students have been steeped in multiculturalism theory. They know that rich white people have gotten away with murder. Therefore, when a rich black man can hire high-powered lawyers and also get away with murder, it’s a sign of racial progress. We’ve moved closer to equality before the law, and hence, it is an occasion for celebration. The trial itself creates incentive for Howard’s law students to become district attorneys and eliminate Marcia Clark type shenanigans.

Howard’s students know that the O.J. verdict is also a sign that parity of a sort has finally been achieved. For decades, particularly in the South, white jurors wouldn’t think of convicting a white person for murdering a black. Predominantly black juries are catching on to what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. But let’s not credit the O.J. jury with originality.

A while back, a New York jury acquitted Limerick Nelson, a black, in the face of overwhelming evidence for murdering Yankel Rosenbaum, a Jew. Under multiculturalism, trials are a waste of time. Guilt can be established by simply asking two questions: What is the race of the accused? What is the race of the victim(s)? Some whites may call this black racism, but a basic tenet of multiculturalism is this: Blacks cannot be racists!

Had O.J. been convicted, the prospects of riots loomed large. If black people will torch a city when police officers are acquitted for simply beating a criminal, one shudders at the thought of the mayhem had a hero like O.J. been convicted of a murder he could not have possibly committed because Fuhrman is a racist. You don’t have to be a multiculturalist to settle the question: Should O.J. be acquitted, or should Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington and other major cities be leveled in fires of rage with the loss of thousands lives?  You just have to love our country. Multi-culturalist’s reach the same conclusion but for a different reason. They know that most lives lost in a “rebellion” would be black. Therefore, loosing the Juice saved lives. The multiculturalist vision of property destruction is another matter: Black people have the right to turn their communities into wastelands so long as white people misbehave.

White people rebel but not like blacks. They do sneaky things like moving out of our major cities under the cover of darkness, taking their tax base along with them. They relocate businesses to locations with small black populations and taunt, “Affirmative-action us now!” They automate their businesses because machines can’t bring discrimination suits and demand diversity in the workplace. If the trends continue, multi-culturalist’s are going to have to ask Clinton to pass an executive order requiring permits for white people to relocate businesses and residences. The only real hope for racial peace and harmony is for us to pay greater attention to race experts and extend multi-cultural education.


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